Digitizing Your Polaroid Prints

While I love to shoot with film and instant print cameras, sharing by design is limited. The fun of the experience is the personalization of taking a single photo and then sharing something I hand to someone.

But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t times when ┬áthe draw of sharing digital photos isn’t calling my name. Luckily, the folks with the Impossible Project offer an app for the iPhone to make Polaroid prints into digital images.

The Impossible Project app offers the ability to convert digital photos into Polaroid prints, convert Polaroid prints into digital images, view Polaroid prints shared (you can share your converted prints too) as well, access to their store to buy film for your Polaroid camera.

02 Impossible Project App

With the Impossible Project app, you snap a photo of your Polaroid Print. There is an option to choose between the 600/SX70 frames vs the wider Spectra prints. Then, choose the corners of the print and ‘crop’.

03 Impossible Project App

The digital image of your print can then be saved to your iPhone and/or shared to the Impossible Project social share service (free).

04 Impossible Project App