Projects and Sightings


It was wonderful to see one of our Upcycled Polaroids appear in a Instagram photo from a_v_a_l_o_n – Thanks for sharing!



Projects in motion:

Impossible Project Tour Airstream in San Francisco – Taken with Generation 2 experimental film:

Impossible Project Tour


Altered Polaroid using Impossible Project 600 Color Framed film

Altered Polaroid


Reflecting on a fun day out with a updated Kodak Hawkeye:

Kodak Hawkeye Reflection


Emulsion Lift – “Traveling the Tracks”

Emulsion Lift Train Tracks


Lego construction helper working on a turquoise Polaroid Impulse

Lego painting Impulse


Fully restored Polaroid Land Camera 350 with Accessories

Vintage Restored 350 Land Camera


Gold framed Vintage Typewriter Polaroid in Box Frame

Vintage typewriter polaroid box



Fun Upcycled project cameras:

3 color starmite 50mm Pentax Auto 110 Augus Seventy five Green Brownie Hawkeye green yellow Brownie Reflex Brownie Twin 20 Blue Polaroid 320 Blue Polaroid Impulse AF Purple Polaroid Impulse Yellow Polaroid Super Shooter Spectra 2 Starmite II