Very few of the cameras I find and upcycle come with manuals. So, when I get one, I will scan it and post it here for your use. I hope it helps everyone enjoy their classic to the fullest.


Super Shooter

Super Colorpack  *Quick Start Guide *Another Quick Start Guide

600 OneStep CloseUp

600 OneStep Autofocus

Talking 600 OneStep CloseUp

Sun Spirit 600 Two Flash Indicators – Early 600 Series cameras with two flash indicators on top

Sun Spirit 600 Single Flash Indicator – Early 600 Series cameras that have only a single indicator on top, most often called the OneStep Flash

Sun 600 LMS – Early 600 Series cameras with flash charge indicator in view finder

Sonar OneStep Pronto

SX-70 Sonar Part 1 and Part 2 (had to split the manual to make easily downloadable)

Impulse with variations – Includes all of the features across the varieties of Impulse Cameras

OneStep Express – Includes 600 Extreme and Cool Cam too

Sonar 660 with dual indicators – This is the manual for the version of 660 that has two flash indicators

Sonar 660 with no external flash indicators – this is the manual for the version of the 660 which has the flash charging indicator seen through the viewfinder rather than indicators on top of the camera.

Polaroid Land Camera Speedliner 95B


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